Italsea Srl

Specialists in electronic solution

Our history began in 1986 in Valdagno, among the first realities of motor control systems. Today, after almost 35 years, we design and manufacture industrial electronic boards, customized for every type of application with particular focus on DC and AC traction systems. Our idea of all-round electronics has led us to grow rapidly and today we are present in all major global markets: our solutions integrated with the products of other companies in the group, including motorwheels, linear actuators and telescopic columns, are the result of our knowledge of the markets and the specificities of each individual sector in which we operate.
Dynamic and technologically advanced, we collaborate with all the industrial realities of every dimension, building a real synergy and partnership relationship with customers.
The specific needs of each individual customer and project are at the center of our work.

Italsea Srl

How do we work?

Integration, optimization, just-in-time

Our company is totally integrated and follows every project in all its complexity, from design to mechanical assembly.
The result is a finished and assembled product: a unique and customized solution, perfectly optimized, which minimizes functional inefficiencies.
Thanks to our production flexibility and the values of lean production, we are able to guarantee a fast time-to-market and just-in-time deliveries, satisfying the needs of industrial partners that aim at the maximum added value.
We like to work according to the principle of total co-design, putting ourselves at your side and building together the best solutions for your application, with the highest level of customization.
In this way we can propose optimization and efficiency, transferring value and competitiveness to your application.


Italsea Srl


We like to meet the challenges of our partners: propose your industrial need and we will identify the possible solutions together.
We also deal with:

  • development of projects and prototypes
  • complex certifications (such as UL and EMC)
  • solutions and functional safety tests, including those linked to specific regulations
  • design, testing and production of products for harsh environments (high/low temperature, saline environments, humidity, vibration).
Italsea Srl

Our challenges

We continuously invest in the improvement of our organization, because we believe in the idea of a modern, technological and sustainable industry.
Our new headquarters, in which we operate since 2016, is a concentration of energy efficiency, 4.0 technology, lean organization.
We are among the first companies in Italy to have believed in digital manufacturing and 4.0, with the aim of revolutionizing the way we produce, developing maximum flexibility and speed and therefore transferring further value to our partners and customers.
We are also engaged with Amer Group in the challenge of a sustainable and clean industry: we want to be protagonists of the green supply chain, in favor of our territory and our customers who demand adequate standards of environmental sustainability.

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