Custom electronic boards

Custom electronic boards

Custom electronics

Design and manufacture of customized and complete electronic boards (hardware and firmware) for different industries and applications. Over the years we have specialized in the production of control boards for traction systems, voltage regulators, function control boards, inverters for motor control and logic boards. We work with powers up to 5kw, with voltages from 12 to 48 Vdc and from 230 to 400Vac. The boards are assembled with SMD and PTH processes and are all subjected to automatic testing processes (ICT and AOI) and diagnostic (X-rays). Thanks to specific resin and varnishing processes, electronic systems are designed to resist in harsh environments (high/low temperature, saline environments, humidity, vibrations).

Our way of working is simple: based on functional requirements shared with you, our technical department will develop the right electronic system to meet your needs. The benefits of working with us? Design, reliability, R&D investments and the advantage of having a single interlocutor from the beginning of the design to the mechanical assembly of the electronic boards. We are committed to the policy of total quality. Our objectives cover all aspects of the production cycle, from design, implementation and marketing, up to the after-sales service also ensuring the total traceability of our products even once they have been in the market.


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